Wor-biz Industrial Product Co., Ltd, a professional OEM supplier for casting, forging, stamping and fine machining parts in rough in plumbing, gas fuel piping, building hardware, electrical, water heater, Water Works, residential and commercial drainage, commercial cooking, HVAC, fire protection, transportation equipment, gardening and agricultural machinery and elevator industry for more than 20 years. Products cover floor drain, shower drain, roof drain, Cleanout, supply hangers, stubout, brackets, water and gas connectors, gas CSST, Brass gas fittings, manifolds, valves, top cooking grate, gas burner, brass Drain valves, fireplace, lawnmower parts, Truck Chassis Bracket, fire sprinkler and all other accessories.

Build pattern according to customer's drawing or sample, help customer to optimize the design, prototype and manufacture products in different manufacturing process. Material of grey and ductile iron, carbon and stainless steel, aluminum, Zinc alloy, brass and bronze in sand casting, shell mold casting, permanent mold casting, die casting, investment casting, forging, stamping, welding, fine machining or other fabrications are all optional

By providing competitive price, high quality products, strong technical support, excellent communication and service, Wor-biz supplied its products to more than 50 top level manufacturers in America and West Europe. One-stop sourcing for variety of metal material and production process, customized service to manufacturers in different industries is the kernel of Wor-biz that can develop in past 20 years. A strong engineering and QC team is supporting our best service.

Wor-biz team will continue to work in passion and contribute more excellent products and service to current and potential customers in the world. Your inquiries will be welcome!

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